Kawayu Onsen Kinkiyu Hotel

Kinkiyu Hotel is a traditional Japanese hotel in Hokkaido

We provedes a shuttle from Kawayu Onsen Train Station. Boasting 4 hot-spring baths, we serve traditional Japanese meal and have a 24-hour front desk. Guest at our hotel sleep in futon beds on a tatami floor.
Lake Mashu is 13 km away from our hotel. You can see a red-crowned crane and a white-tailed eagle and a Steller's sea-eagle in winter near here.


Kawayu Onsen is located in Akan national park. A park of forests, lakesand volcanoes. Boasts a majestic view of three crater lakes including MashuLake. The nature and wild animal arround Kawayu Onsen is introduced.

Red-crowned crane, steller's sea eagle, White-tailed eagle, Brown bear, Whooper swan,,,we live with many wild animals here. East Hokkaido is the paradise of wild animals.

There is a scene which is in sight only from a canoe.

The white-tailed sea eagle stood on the telegraph pole.



Kinkiyu Hotel

1-5-10 Kawayu-onsen
Teshikagacho Kawakamigun
Hokkaido 0883465 JAPAN
TEL.+81 (0)15-483-2211
FAX.+81 (0)15-483-2551
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